Archive: January 2012

  • January 30, 2012

Breakthrough Research on Corporate Giving

Last week Good360 released the paper, The Business Case for Product Philanthropy. It provides the bottom line numbers that show donation is a better financial choice than either liquidation or …

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  • January 23, 2012

Get Serious about Innovation

Business innovation is about creating new methods of operation, products, and services that win in the marketplace. Innovation is a lot like life itself. Circumstances are always changing. We have …

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  • January 19, 2012

The Age of Innovation

Innovation across the planet started in slow waves that could be measured in millennia, spans of a thousand years. These waves have been speeding up. Take a look at this …

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  • January 16, 2012

Where Do You Go for Inspiration?

In 2011 the monument to Martin Luther King, Jr, on the mall in Washington, DC, was completed. His presence has now been added for posterity along with Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin …

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  • January 9, 2012

Teams of Ambassadors

Ambassadors are empowered to represent you in their dealings with other groups. They serve a valuable function, extending your reach and increasing your ability to negotiate favorable conditions and even …

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  • January 2, 2012

Succeeding at the Market’s Frontier

Happy New Year! 2012 promises to be a wonderful year with its own unique frontiers. The word frontier was adopted into English from the French where it means borderland, the …

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