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  • February 6, 2017

Feel the Force

I am not really a football guy. Don’t know statistics or even all the teams. But, I often watch the Super Bowl because the drive of the quarterbacks is amazing.  I love drive. I love to see people drive results – it’s part of my job to help amazing people do that.  The Super Bowl is often an astounding example. And last night’s game was no exception – the first Super Bowl to have the time extended because of a tie when the game ran out of time.

The last quarter began with the Patriots behind by 19 points. In those 15 minutes they achieved every one of those 19 by steadfastly advancing despite the odds. Then in overtime, they scored and took the game. The great thing about the teams that make it to the Super Bowl is that they don’t stop until it’s over. It’s a testimony to focus, endurance, clarity and forceful drive.  I love it.

What part of your life do you care so deeply about that you will push for results no matter how the odds stack against you? Where is your emotional resilience at its best? That is the Super Bowl of your life. I hope you win. But, I can’t do it for you. Only you can drive the results that will take you to your target. May the Force be with you.

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.
-Francis of Assisi

Seth Kahan

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